How do we..,

Saw this interesting post from Terry Heick, @terryheick at TeachThought. Terry consistently generated great content that I read regularly and dedicate to sharing with my PLN.

This post on 21st Century Work: Career Readiness Isn’t What it Used to Be  is great comparison of jobs in the 20th century and the 21st century [though its only been 14 years]. This visual made me reflect on the work we do to prepare students for their jobs/careers and the workforce of tomorrow.


This infographic is a great capture of some considerations we which we should all focus.

My major takeaways from this are:

  • How does what we do help students focus on the team, not the isolating competition?
  • How do we promote risk taking in kids to encourage them to safely explore several careers?
  • How do we help students create an appreciation of and thrive in a project-based environment that values advancing with others?
  • How do we promote risk taking to encourage students to advance the goals of the organization?
  • How do we help students create humanist goals?
  • How do we focus on the project not just the individual grade?

Its important that we focus on the needs of students. Its easy for us to build goals for our students based on understandings and trainings we received or we were molded under. Resources like this are great keeps for us to refer back to when we are designing projects or curriculum assignments to make sure we are being accountable to students and their needs not just what we are comfortable with

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