Final Blog as West Middle Principal

This is my last blog as the principal of West Middle School.
I’ve been away from my blog for a while but the last several months have been busy. In addition to our ending the school year, my family has been busy with our own transition, both my wife and daughter will be full time students. Its an exciting time but it is also marked with leaving our schools that have been a big part of our lives.
West Middle was my first principalship. With the hard work, sweats and laughs, the last 2.5 years has been a time I won’t forget and will always cherish.
I am fortunate to have been selected as a middle school principal in a district also in our RESA, Cumberland County Schools. I start as the instructional lead July 2nd. I’ve been there several times meeting with the outgoing Prinicpal, the Admin team and teachers and I couldn’t be more Thrilled! Everyone is friendly, smiling and all about the kids – what a great team!
It is sad to leave one family that I have helped grow and has continued to grow! You always want to leave a place in a better condition than when you arrived and through a lot of hard work we have done that.
I’m going to miss Montgomery County Schools, West Middle School and West Montgomery High School. Thanks guys! My five years have helped me and my family in ways words can’t express!

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