Be That Teacher

Teaching is hard. Change is hard. We regularly ask teachers to make difficult adjustments to their practices. Change talks come from all levels, central office, building administrators and from the teachers themselves. If we are going to commit to relevant and rigorous learning, we have to commit to real, regular and honest conversations with ourselves,… Read More Be That Teacher

NC Distinguished Leadership in Practice for Digital Learning Address

Last week, it had the privilege and honor of being invited to the final meeting and end of year banquet of the first cohort of the NC Distinguished Leadership in Practice for Digital Learning [NCDLPDL]. This cohort and event was organized by the NC Principal and Assistant Principals Association [NCPAPA]. The goal of NCDLPDL is to… Read More NC Distinguished Leadership in Practice for Digital Learning Address

Education 3.0

There have been some great posts published recently outlining the shift from Education 1.0  to Education 3.0. Its not all about resources and tools. 1.0 to 3.0 is about a commitment to better practices, exploration, change and being willing to go back to formula in designing how we teach to affect student learning outcomes.  These… Read More Education 3.0