Digital Leadership Standards

Derek L.McCoy – NASSP Reflection                 Digital Principal Video

Letters of Recommendation

Todd Whitaker – Educational Leadership Authority  
Mellotta Hill, CCS 2013 Principal of the Year-Recommendation Letter
Molly Abraham, Spring Lake Middle Assistant Principal 

Tamika Crumpler, Spring Lake Middle Innovation Coach
George Ellis, Exec Dir Cumberland County Schools, Ret 

Angie Tofflemeyer, Assistant Principal West Middle School  


Why Educators Should Spend 15 Minutes a Day on Social Media

5 Key Ingredients for Digital Education Leadership

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As a North Carolina administrator, I adhere to the Executive Leadership Standards of my state and make sure my practice reflects good understanding and model use. As a member of a larger community of educators and as a professional committed to growth, I strive to grow my varied skill sets. Below is an alignment of some of my presentations, blogs, and recognitions to ISTE.NETS*A Standards.

NC Standards of Executive Leadership

Standard 1 – Strategic Leadership
Standard 2 – Instructional Leadership
Standard 3 – Cultural Leadership
Standard 4 – Human Resource Leadership
Standard 5 – Managerial Leadership
Standard 6 – External Development Leadership
Standard 7 – Micropolitical Leadership
Standard 8 – Academic Achievement Leadership

ISTE.NETS*A Standards

1. Visionary Leadership

2. Digital Age Learning Culture

3. Excellence in Professional Practice

4. Systemic Improvement

5. Digital Citizenship

 ISTE.NETS*A Standards

Visionary Leadership

Digital Age Learning Culture

Excellence in Professional Practice

Systemic Improvement

Digital Citizenship



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