Connecting, Sharing, and Growing!

I am committed to helping improve learning and teaching. I drive the vision and work in my school to help build practices and change mindsets that will help build classrooms, teaching practices, school practices and effective leadership skills that will help us deliver the best instruction to students, build the best, flexible learning environments and grow educators who are equipped to teach the next generation of learners.

I am passionate about helping educators, schools and districts and I use my resources from my PLN and current practice as a principal to develop training/thought points for my keynotes, presentations, and workshops. It’s important to spend time with educators to build relationships and develop an understanding of what they need to support shifting learning and teaching practices.

Some of my presentation/workshop topics include:

  • Coaching teachers to better practices
  • Digital tools for lead learners
  • Effective Teacher Feedback
  • It Starts in the Middle! [A Strong Message for Middle School Educators]
  • Digital Leaders Toolbox
  • Digital tools for formative assessments
  • Digital tools for increased productivity
  • Driving Change/Better Practices with Professional Development
  • Better Practices for Twitter/Social Media
  • Getting Connected/Building your Professional Learning Network – An Essential Function
  • Flexible Approaches to Teaching and Leading
  • Growth Strategies for Instructional Leadership

Use this form to contact me and let’s begin your change journey!


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