Change Starts in the Middle!

Let’s Rethink Middle School Together!

We often underestimate our middle schoolers!
Instead of building systems and practices that limit, we can…

Focus on building empowered mindsets.
– Risk-Taking
– Technology
– Voice and Choice
– Creation and Innovation
– Collaboration

Build up cultures of:
– Empowerment
– Collaboration
– Student-Centered Learning
– Risk-Taking/Experimentation

Be intentional with designing learning for
Active Learners
Passive Consumers

Learners today thrive as:
– Goal Setters
– Collaborators
– Researchers
– Communicators

Our practices/beliefs shouldn’t be based on an old model.
Our thinking shouldn’t be based on how we think middle schoolers are.

Let’s build the learning environments our learners deserve and need!

Let’s Redesign the Learning Experience for Your Middle Schoolers!

Our conversation begins the shift our learners need.

  • Agency
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Active Learning

Contact me below and let’s make plans for changing learning.

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