Google Form as a Walk Thru Tool for Data & Feedback

Our school uses GoogleForms for an informal walk thru observation tool. Since we began using iPads at the beginning of the year, the GoogleForm is great, convenient tool to gather data we use for planning professional development and other needed training.  We’ve recently discussed the need for a good way to get feedback back to the teachers. From prior experience, I know there is no simple solution for this. I discussed with my team some alternative strategies but promised them a solution.

I turned to my PLN for the solution to this new century problem. I need to thank Jayme Linton, @jaymelinton, and Lyn Hilt, @l_hilt, for responding immediately to my request for help. I’ve spoken to Lyn before this and we made little headway. This time, she referred me to a tweeted post from Jayme on this topic. From these sources, I created this instructive presentation with text and screen shots. It starts with some basic instructions on creating a simple form then goes into the directions for creating the email feedback.

The data we collect from this form is a great step. Adding the feedback to it allows us to give teachers time and opportunity to reflect and modify instructional practices.

Hope this helps. I know it will go a long way in our curricular, instructional, and training talks.

Changing How We Look at & Use Data – Not Waiting on an Autopsy

Friday was a great day of collaboration and pd at West Middle School!! April Daywalt, our Instructional Facilitator [interviewed in the video below] led group instructional discussions during planning periods on using Data Connections, a program the district has subscribed to.

I love the Shift Thinking behind this training! Before Friday, West MS has only used this program during our quarterly benchmark testing. The problem with this approach is it only gave us 3 opportunities to planned reteaching, acceleration and reflection. For student achievement, we cant afford to wait until the end to look at and plan with important student data! Opening up this program, expanding training to every teacher and having people on board who can help with answer questions will go a long way in making this part of our planning, teaching and learning culture.

Below are two interviews about training implementation and purpose, the second is Daywalt:

I love the EQ in the back! Thanks to all the teachers for the being active participants and planning on incorporating this into their practice and thanks to April for her shift training!