#Edcucon 2017

I had the pleasure of serving on a panel discussion at Educon 2017 on Sustainability in Education. The other panelists were Samuel Abrams [author and researcher/truth teller], Renee Moore [teacher activist and truthteller] and the legendary Deborah Meier. Below is an embed of the panel discussion [thanks to Educon, Chris Lehmann and the student production team for… Read More #Edcucon 2017

Filling in the Gaps – A Must in Digital Learning

Some of the misconceptions of teaching and learning in a digital environment is that instruction comes from the computer and the teacher’s role is primarily making sure students have fixed attention to their computer screen. Part of this reasoning has developed from how we were taught and even our beginning teacher experiences. Delivery for most of us was one… Read More Filling in the Gaps – A Must in Digital Learning

 Work From Home – Innovating Work During Inclement Weather 

Snow days bring unparalleled joy to students [and educators]. Anticipating and finally hearing the cancellation of school on the news, and now on social media, is almost a childhood entitlement. For most educators, this is welcome news, borderline excitement. I’m convinced that the inner child in all educators turns a couple of cartwheels at the announcement.… Read More  Work From Home – Innovating Work During Inclement Weather