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I‘ve been fortunate in my career to have had some great experiences img_19452-copyand made a difference helping kids grow and achieve. I’ve served urban and rural schools/districts as reading specialist, math teacher, curriculum facilitator, middle and high school assistant principal, middle school principal and director of curriculum and innovation.

NASSP Principal CoverMy career goal is to be a part of school/district leading and learning team that will promote innovative and difference-making learning and teaching practices that result in student and teacher growth! Continuing my growth and development is a large part of my diving into my PLN and committing to helping other build their networks. My family, friends and PLN have been instrumental in my success and impact. This includes being honored with such recognitions as a 2014 NASSP Digital Principal and one of 25 NC Educators to Follow on Twitter.

Everything I do in my practice is about improving learning and teaching, making a difference in my school, district, PLN and [to paraphrase a quote from Gandhi] to be the change I want to see in the world and education!

We all learn, we all grow, we all achieve!

diigo education pioneerConnect with me:

Twitter:  mccoyderek   

Skype: mccoyderek 

Voxer: mccoyderek

Email: derekmccoy.edu@gmail.com  

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3 thoughts on “About Me/Digital Footprint

  1. Hello sir. I have been an Assistant Principal for a year and I recently started a new podcast that is devoted to dynamic educational leaders. This show is also dedicated to assisting new administrators with the transition to the principalship. I’ve read your blog post on this topic and I think you’d be a great asset to my podcast. Would you be interested in being a guest on my show? The podcast can be found at principallyspeaking.com and I am MrJasonBodnar on Twitter. Thank you!

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