A Great Talk with Dr. Dave Schmittou

I can’t thank Dave enough for his generous invitation to be interviewed for his podcast, The Lasting Learning. Dave is one of those phenomenal, high-energy leaders who bring out the best in those around him and he made this talk a great experience. 

I really appreciate him for asking me to share my journey and also to talk about our book The Revolution and our efforts to change mindsets and skillsets to serve the needs of our learners. We can all be the Revolution@ries our learners deserve. Below is a link to the YouTube video of our talk. The actual podcast will be be released in some weeks so please listen out.

Please take some time to listen to our conversation. You can connect with me here and I’m sharing his information below:

Twitter and Instagram @daveschmittou
Website: https://schmittou.net
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lasting-learning/id1463067800
Bold Humility: https://t.co/MOE0sRWL9N

Start Your Revolution! bit.ly/TheRevolutionishereYou can also get your copy of The Revolution here – bit.ly/TheRevolutionishere! Start a movement today that embraces learner-centered experiences, creativity, and the power of ‘IF’.




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