Start Your Revolution!!

I’m happy to share that after almost two years, ‘The Revolution: Its Time to Empower Change in Our Schools’ is finally here. My co-author Darren [@dellwein] published it under the Teacher Like a Pirate, #tlap, banner and we couldn’t be happier with support and love we’ve been given.

Start Your Revolution!
Don’t raise your your to ask, pump your fist to make a change!

When we started out on this, we had a mission to change what we do at the middle school level – how we think about [and treat] middle schoolers, how we set up middle school and, truly, what we believe. But we got deep into the work and began having more conversations and the collaboration with PLN members became real, we realized that this message and purpose was broader – BUT don’t get it wrong, we still have a strong message for revolutionizing middle school!

We don’t want you to see this as just a book – its a resource to help change mindsets about learners and redefining our roles. We put together chapters filled with what we are doing in our schools, stories of wonderful stories from our friends who are leading revolutions in their schools. These are the chapters and major themes you can look forward to:
Chapter 1: The True Revolution@ries
– Chapter 2: Add Some Revolution to Your Mindset
– Chapter 3: Revolution@ry Learning Spaces
– Chapter 4: Revolution@ry Cultures
– Chapter 5: Revolution@ry Connections
– Chapter 6: Revolution@ry Innovations
– Chapter 7: Create a Maker Revolution
– Chapter 8: Empowering Learners to be Revolution@ries
– Chapter 9: Revolution@ry Leaders
– Chapter 10: Revolution@ry Learning

If you are,
– wondering what the difference between student and learner
– ready to shift your role
– exploring the connection between learning spaces and learning
– ready to bring the world to your learners
– ready to embrace and involve learner voice

– bringing in the maker-mindset
its time to start your Revolution!

We’d like to thank all our friends and PLN members who contributed to The Revolution. This book is proof that the best things about what we do, we do together! We create and build and dream together and, most importantly, we help realize real, learner-centered change together.

Thank you for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of learners. Let’s start having conversations that will change what we do/believe to benefit the learners we serve

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