Joining #GAED

This might be news to some but for several close friends and colleagues, its not news to say that after several glorious years in North Carolina
I’m happy to announce I’m joining Grady County Schools. This is actually a couple of months late in announcing but it’s always on time to share mementos news. Some great celebrations for the move:

  1. It’s a couple of hours from my mom and immediate family. That is an immeasurable benefit
  2. I’m a very close to my roots, where I grew up in rural southwest GA;

I started my teaching career in GA and it has always had a deeply special place in my heart. I am truly turning cartwheels to come back home. But my time in NC was beyond profound and special. I was a great educator when I left GA but I am a next level learner after my 13 years in NC. The mentors and friends I’ve met there will always be considered friends and have a permanent place in my heart. To say I wouldn’t be the person or educator/learner I am today if it had not been for #nced and #ncadmin would be a gross understatement and would be the

So I’m happy to join #gaed.

I’m happy to dive deep into a PLN back home and meet inspiring educators who are making a difference. I’m happy to see where

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