Conscious Efforts

I am going to make conscious efforts to..,

  • Replace the word ‘students’ with LEARNERS;
  • Replace the word ‘teacher’ with ‘Facilitator’, ‘Designer’ or ‘Inspiration’;
  • Replace ‘school’ and ‘classroom’ with ‘Learning Environment’, or ‘Home’ or ‘Community’;
  • Give the gift of ‘Yet’ more often’;
  • Let people know its about learners;
  • Reflect on conversations, plans and results intently;
  • Model the best of what we have and where we need to go;
  • Drop what isn’t benefitting facilitators and learners;
  • Help others find joy in serving students LEARNERS,;
  • Replace ‘classroom management’ and ‘expectations’ with ‘Understandings’;
  • Ask ‘Why’ and ‘What if’ daily;
  • Get my 15000 steps in by being all about my school;
  • Embrace the value and hard work of learner-centered > teacher-centered;
  • Commit to genuine conversations;
  • Listen a lot more;
  • Ask learners what made their day great and what we can do to make it better.

One response to “Conscious Efforts”

  1. I have one more for your list: replace “objectives” with learning engagements.

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