Reflecting on FETC

My first FETC was last week and it was an incredible experience. I love attending conferences where there are plenty of opportunities for genuine networking and sharing and meeting up with friends, old and new!

Its always an honor to present/share at conferences and this time I presented at two presentations, a workshop and co-presented at a workshop with a new friend, Kerry Gallagher @kerryhawk02. I’ve created a mini-mashup of the presentation decks from last week below.


Creating a Culture of Teacher LeadersCo-presentation with Kerry Gallagher

Kerry and I led an activities-based talk on what teacher leadership is, how we can grow and develop growth cultures, barriers and strategies to mitigate barriers. Lots of fun and sharing this afternoon.

Digital Tools for Digital Leaders: Ideas for Your Leadership Toolkit

This is always a favorite! I’ve always loved edtech integration and using tools to enhance my practice. Over the years, my talk has evolved from just to the tools to involve more emphasis on  culture building, creating and driving vision, monitoring learning efforts, and coaching/growing teachers.

“No excuses. No limits.” Motivate Students by Integrating Tech into Learning

This was a great session to wrap up FETC. A culminating sharing of efforts I’ve led or have had a big part in to create new experiences of learning for students and changing how they can access information and rethinking how they can demonstrate new learnings and understandings. We touched on how our school environment has had to change to reflect our new approaches.

A New Day: Building Capacity in Underserved Schools

This was a solo workshop. Like some of the other presentations, this topic is a personal passion of mine. All my teaching experience, and most of my administrative experience, has been in struggling, impoverished schools with significant needs on multiple levels. This workshop became an absolute discussion and roundtable talk on multiple needs, viewpoints, strategies and look-fors in our different schools. We got off-book but opened a great new one! The diverse group made this talk more personalized for everyone. All schools are needy – we teach kids, so we have to be responsive and what our schools need and be willing to ask tough questions and dream big.

Links to FETC Pres
Links to FETC Presentations

I need to thank my friend Daisy Dyer Duerr for bridging a connection with Jennifer Womble, a program coordinator at FETC! This wouldn’t have happened without them. And of course meeting and co-presenting with a new #eduhero Kerry Gallagher was a real highlight!

Take a look at the #fetc hashtag to see learning and sharing from last week! I encourage you to attend next year. No matter where you are in your #edtech  journey, there is #nextlevel learning here for everyone.

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