‘Is Your Leadership Attitude Worth Catching?’

month, Dr. Julie Morrow , our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, led a talk with principals about setting the tone in our schools and how important our influence is to teachers, students and our community. I tweeted this picture during her presentation as what she was saying really resonated with me and the conversations I’ve been having with several #leadlearners around my school:

Her passion about this message evident and this is a message that speaks volumes by itself. It made me reflect on my actions and thoughts:

  • the-principal-50-part1
    The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence http://buff.ly/264nCIf @PrincipalKafele

    What do I really believe about my school?

  • Would teachers/students parents be able to articulate my beliefs to a visitor to West Rowan Middle?
  • What does a person see/hear when I am talking about West Rowan Middle?
  • Do my students say my attitude sucks or do they believe I love them and my school?
  • What am I inspiring people to say, think and do?
  • Do they see/hear a consistent message?
  • Do they hear trust and belief from me?
  • Do I joke too much? Do I use sarcasm at the wrong time?
  • Am I speaking with enthusiasm and drive? Commitment?

I also reflected on other lead learners in my building:

Department Chairs: Do the teachers in these departments merely get updates or are they hearing an inspiring message to try new things? Do the teachers in departments know they are supported on every level? Are teachers encouraged? Are teachers being told that their department is critical but our overall goal is drive the school mission and vision forward?

Grade Level Chairs: Do teachers hear a positive message in supporting the emotional/social needs of our kids? Are teachers building great routines that help them get to supporting students? Are teachers being told that their grade level is the most important and our overall goal is drive the school mission and vision forward?

Leadership Team: Are they seeing me model tough conversations and change and is it giving them the tools and impetus to do the same? Do they hear and see the vision of our school being communicated in a powerful way that will help them repeat the message?

Parents: Do my parents hear me say we look forward to seeing kids everyday? Do they believe it? Do they know we are always looking for new ways to challenge kids?Do they know that we treasure their future?

I want my attitude and message to be meaningful and contagious. This is a great message for us all, any educator in any position, to keep a keen eye on what we do and say and be purposeful in our acts and messages.

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3 responses to “‘Is Your Leadership Attitude Worth Catching?’”

  1. Derek,

    As always you inspire with your words. I especially like the questions you have for various departments. While I know the principal sets the tone for a school I think we also need to develop some questions for the lead learners in the classroom to reflect upon. Are teachers inspiring kids with their attitude? Are they be joyful leaders? Are they modeling life long learning and sharing that with kids?

    Always grateful for your leadership,
    Chris Tuttell

    1. Chris, I may have to borrow some of that. Great stuff

      1. Thanks Derek! I really appreciate your comment. Glad to have people like you in my PLN. You are leading the change!

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