Weekly Bookmarks from @mccoyderek 11.30.2014

Top 10 Reasons to Start using Google Drive in the Classroom

  • ideas-for-motivating-adolescent-male-readersA must read for teachers and school leaders

4 Ideas For Motivating Adolescent Male Readers

Important YouTube Tip for Teachers and Presenters

  • Start and stop YouTube vids during your presentation when you need to.

5 Social Media Must Knows for Every Teacher

  • Build Communities and Share Information – great starts!

Skype Translator: How it will change communication forever

  • Language is no longer a barrier

ASCD EDge – 5 Things Not to Say When Students Make a Mistake

  • Instead of starting over, ask what did we learn from this? Let’s work thru this.

10 Great Apps for Middle Schoolhow-to-kill-learner-curiosity-fi

5 Tips about reporting to parents

  • The first is  a major one

How To Kill A Learners Curiosity In 10 Easy Steps

Three Effective Ways to Look for Educational Content in Twitter

5 tips to create strong learning environments with iPads

5 Things to Share With Your Teachers About Educational Technology

PBL Project Planning: Matching Projects to Standards

2 responses to “Weekly Bookmarks from @mccoyderek 11.30.2014”

  1. Thanks for sharing Derek! It’s a pleasure learning with you!

    1. Very glad you enjoy it and that is a resource!

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