#nctlchat – A PLN for Digital Leaders

nctlchatContinuing the talk of the great things that happened at #edcampelon – Enter #nctlchat!

Rob Breyer @rbreyer51 and I led a talk on the impact of Twitter chats. In addition to promoting global chats like #edchat with a great plug by Steven Anderson @web20classroom, we were also able to plug some local chats. Jayme Linton @jaymelinton talked up #nced, a statewide chat for NC educators. Rob and I talked up #ncadmin, a chat for NC school leaders at all levels and positions.

During our talk on best practices and benefits, we were introduced to another chat that will launch this weekend!

#nctlchat is an ongoing talk for teacher-librarians across our state. The facilitators in our session were passionate in their description of it as a  forum and resource for an often overlooked group educators – teacher-librarians.  In our efforts to transform the learning and teaching cultures in our schools, teacher-librarians are essential linchpins in making this transformation possible.

Rob Breyer @rbreyer and Sedley Abercrombie @sedley1 discussing the finer points on Twitter chats
Rob Breyer @rbreyer and Sedley Abercrombie @sedley1 discussing the finer points on Twitter chats

The chat facilitators are Sedley Abercrombie @sedley1, Jen Baker @caneslibrarian, Christine Tuttell @tuttelltweets and Lisa Milstead @LisaMilstead. We had the pleasure of meeting several of these moderators during our group talk and its evident this will be a great resource for the NC education landscape. The questions they asked were some best practice questions in making sure participants will see #nctlchat as a unique value add to their practice.

Please help me in spreading the word for this impact resource! Good luck in your venture! Can’t wait to see you on Twittersphere!

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