Weekly Bookmarks from @mccoyderek 3.24.2014

9 Steps To Scaffold Learning For Improved Understandinghow-learning-works_52e8061c3afa6

  • Great strategies, practical and engaging

2 Great Web Tools for Classroom Management

  • Several of our teachers use one of these tools with great success

Is It Time To Change How We Teach Math?

  • Short answer is yes! Great visual and short points on why we need to change!

How To Use The SAMR Model For Classroom Tasks
Inspirational video for educators

  • Awesome work from Justin, @justintarte!

5 Good Tools to Help You Flip Your Classroom

How teachers can make cell phones work on the classroom

  • These are some great considerations! I plan on updating our approach to include some options

How byod can fuel inquiry based learning
Teaching Students The Process To Social Change

How can teacher leaders be identified and cultivated?

  • Good considerations for empowering teachers! Making sure your teachers are given leadership opportunities help your institution thrive!

3 Doable Tips for Teachers Choosing Informational Texts

The Impact of Video In Education

How Assessment Can Lead to Deeper Learning

8 Tips for Reaching Out to Parents

10 Engaging Activities for Students Who Finish Work Early

Building Your PLN

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