Motivation for School on Saturday

Saturday March 1st was a new experience for me. I was born, raised and started my teaching career in Georgia and have spent the last 10 years in North Carolina. I’ve experienced snow days in the south. Before this year, the serious inclement weather that I experienced might have been about 5 days out a year with weather ranging from dry, below freezing weather to a couple of inches of snow. This year was a first for me. We’ve had 8 days of inclement weather this year. North Carolina and @CumberlandCoSch natives tell me that this is a first for them as well.

The weather was severe and cancelling school was the great call to make. Ultimately, we have to keep students and staff safe. [Also it led to a great learning experience – #ncsnowchat] Missing this many days also means we have to make up some days. Part of our make up plan is have school on several Saturdays. Its pretty safe to say for this country boy that having a regular instructional day on a Saturday is a first.

We made several plans for the day – operational, schedule, curriculum, etc. I was proud of my team for the advanced planning. One great step up was from our elective team headed by team leader, Angela Hurley. They saw a need to help boost teacher morale and give a great start to our Saturday of instruction. Their plan is simple – let’s feed the staff a huge, satisfying, diet breaking breakfast!

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We served pancakes, bacon, sausage, cheese-n-eggs, fruit, juice – everything you need to have a great start to a great day! A full stomach is great energizer!

The best takeaway – great attitudes! All this prep, the great breakfast, the Pandora playing a 80’s Best of in the background, the set up & the clean up – all led to some great attitudes and smiles for teachers!

We were going to make sure our kids had a great, unique day of learning.

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