Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z – Data and Understanding

This infographic struck home. I like seeing comparisons and data samples like the ones displayed in the graphic below. Representations like this should serve as good reminders for us that we work with people that have different comfort levels, understandings and purposes for technology.

I look at this and think of the ‘generations’ in terms of groups of people I come across in my work as a school leader:

  • One group has seen technology enter the world; to them, its purpose and use was once for only a select few so adoption is slow;
  • Another group has seen more tech integrated into our daily practice, not very pervasive but more accessible; usage and opportunities being made to incorporate into our lives
  • A last group has come to know tech as the norm in our 24-hour lives; they can use it to accomplish most of their goals including communicating and sharing with their friends

One thing successful school leaders embrace is that the mentalities of any group are not limited to when people are born. Some of our best teachers, no matter their age, embrace changing pedagogical practice to include #edtech integration and really ‘see’ this mindset; some of our kids have difficulty bringing the tech into their learning scheme; and we all have parents of different ages with varied beliefs on technology [including social media] in the classroom. Our best strategy to help all mentalities – work with people, invest in helping people move forward. Generational beliefs about tech isn’t about age but it all can be changed with our work and commitment to bringing about better educational practices.

Kids of The Past Vs. The Internet Generation

3 responses to “Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z – Data and Understanding”

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  2. Estella Williams Avatar
    Estella Williams

    This is a great visual to display the shift technology brings to generations. This will be a support to educators as we begin conversations about “upgrading” our students & facilitation to 21st century. This is not inclusive yo usage of technology but digital & media literacy. All generations need an awareness of how this shift has impacted how we live, communicate, work, & play. Thusly, affecting how we begin to educate our students.
    Thanks for the visual.

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