Education 3.0

There have been some great posts published recently outlining the shift from Education 1.0  to Education 3.0. Its not all about resources and tools. 1.0 to 3.0 is about a commitment to better practices, exploration, change and being willing to go back to formula in designing how we teach to affect student learning outcomes.

 These two posts do a great job showing the shift:

What Is Web 3.0 And How Will It Change Education? , 2013


Education 3.0: Altering Round Peg in Round Hole Education from Jackie Gerstein, 2013

These are great posts and information.. They show some good direction for classrooms and teachers in their efforts to change teaching and learning. As school leaders, on all levels, this naturally leads to some questions.

What does being a 3.0 School Leader mean?

How do you prepare for Leadership 3.0?

I look forward to exploring this topic in the future. Please share your thoughts below on what 3.0 School Leadership means to you.

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