A Time for Connectedness

At this summer’s ISTE Conference, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan declared August Connected Educators Month [CEM]. He called for educators and students to utilize online forums and tools to collaborate and participate in learning/sharing forums. I see this as a growth challenge, a time for us to step out of different comfort/ability zones and develop new skills and grow new experiences!

This is a great time to make plans to capitalize on new opportunities. If you are a connected educator, this is a great time to challenge yourself:

  • Utilize a new tool to connect to different forums
  • Support a colleague to get connected and begin the journey to build a PLN
  • Make an effort to effect a school-wide or district-wide change

If you are connected yet [or want to get more connected]:

  • Try Twitter!
  • Start a blog
  • Add a LinkedIn profile and begin reaching out and connecting!
  • Google+ it up!

I’m looking forward to this month. There are a lot of familiar and new experience that will make CEM 2012 great:

  • @CSmithGoBlue and I are starting the #ncadmin chat this month. We’ve been using the hashtag for NC education news but the chat/discussion will start in the month of August with the first topic being CEM and getting connected
  • The first #edfocus book chat of month is on “Shifting the Monkey” with the great Todd Whitaker! Grab your copy and join the fun!
  • Starting my new school, I’m making plans on starting our social media committee, outlining our connectivity efforts and begin exposing/shifting staff perceptions to getting connected.

Its a great time to be connected and get connected!

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