First Day Goals of a New Principalship

I look forward to starting my new school, Spring Lake Middle, with great anticipation. This new journey is exhilarating and humbling and I take this responsibility seriously.
I have been thinking about my goals for my start at Spring Lake MS. This is a great school with a lot of good things going systems in place. But like in every school, there are always new points for improvement.
For my first weeks, I have put together some goals. These will be ongoing for some time. Establishing relationships and assuring everyone that I am accessible is a major priority. My goals will be to:
  • Work at becoming a Bronco Family member
  • Work at learning what makes Spring Lake Middle special
  • Meet with various stakeholders and community groups
  • Listen, Listen, Ask a couple of questions and Listen some more – @rbreyer51, A PLN member was recently sharing that he got his first assistant principal post on #edfocus. While he was receiving his congratulations, @MrBernia gave him a great piece of advice – ‘Listen more than you talk and be you’- succinct and impactful!

With the help of my assistant principals and front office staff, we have scheduled small group meetings with all the school staff members. Creating an opportunity for everyone to discuss what we are proud of as well as our needs and priorities will give us an opportunity to share and begin build our new working culture.

I’m looking forward to this first step in our new journey!

One response to “First Day Goals of a New Principalship”

  1. I am also starting a new middle school principal position and am thankful to have your words of wisdom to ponder and reflect on this summer!

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