Effective Approach to School Social Media Management

Last week, our school made the decision to ‘relaunch’ our committees. From the beginning, we’ve recognized the vital role our different committees play to our school’s operations and morale. In a creative faculty meeting/pd session we used Google Docs to sign up for committees and schedule our meetings – it was operational, educational and fun!

One of the committees that got a new boost was our Social Media committee. We are fortunate to have a number of faculty members who embrace the positive use of social media and its potential to reach our different stakeholders. This committee is going to be critical to the branding and promotion of our school efforts. Its comprised of a representative from every grade level to ensure that a voice from all areas would be heard.

The committee chair, Mr Williamson [@], is West Middle’s ‘PR’ guy and, as evidenced from the picture above, a  media strategist. The work up he has created is a great sketch of what this committee is about:

  • Outlining the resources West Middle has to share information and who is currently responsible for that social media tool
  • Identifying our target audience
  • Media we control and don’t control
  • Untapped resources the school has and should employ
  • Understanding the difference between formal and informal language/register.
This was a great start to this committee’s journey! This committee will work out a system to share responsibilities to give a more active voice to the different groups in the school. It takes a team effort to create the positive experiences at West Middle and it should take a team of dedicated members to promote the good things we are creating.
Its a great day!

One response to “Effective Approach to School Social Media Management”

  1. Love this glimpse at your "all hands on deck" approach to this challenging & exciting work… thank you for sharing it!

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