Lesson Design to Support Learning

I recently took this video of one of our first year math teachers. This is a great lesson that epitomizes the talks and planning going on in our PLCs

Its easy to see some of the impact strategies we’ve been stressing this year:

  1. Opportunities for constructivist learning – Ms Millen created an activity that allows students to find the rules of scalar multiplication. This discovery is critical to learning – students have to be allowed to create their own understanding. The great part about this is that it was open forum. Students were allowed to work in groups, in pairs or independently. 
  2. Setting high expectations – The first strategy is only a  possibility because of the high expectations Ms Millen brings to the table. We have to believe that if we provide students with the opportunity to collaborate and structured support they can perform at high levels. This lesson was evidence of that.
  3. Providing support –   Part of our process has to be building a support structure in place for students who have questions. This was a great way to provide acceleration and simultaneously support the students with answers

All of this effort began with talks and planning in PLCs and common planning. This was great structure, Ms Millen should be proud of this activity and what it means to learning.

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