Challenging Conversations for Student Growth

   As we were reflecting on our first year of implementing PLC’s my assistant principal [@mcvaughanpf] and I had a great discussion on the strengths and opportunities for improvement for next year. We dove into PLC’s this year with an awareness of what they are and their potential for impact but none of us had experience with the formal structure, needless to say there was some apprehension. As the year progressed, our contributions to the PLC’s increased indicating an increased buy-in from the staff. It’s great to see and hear the comments from faculty on the value PLCs have added to the school!

I’m proud to be part of the team that has experienced and sees the value of the dive and commitment to PLCs! This is an exciting step in our journey – providing structure to our collaborative process has a great is a needed step for productivity.

Part of the culture we are going to have to change is how we talk, the language we use in our collaborative efforts.  Planning for student growth and achievement means having real, honest conversations about our options for instructional activities and designs. We have to commit to bringing contributions to the table – its only from these contributions that we can begin generating ideas for better learning opportunities for students. If we don’t share or don’t freely discuss options on the table, we loose out on maximizing better learning opportunities.

It’s great to see that next step within reach. How exciting is it to know that better practices are only good conversations away!

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