Making Data Part of School Culture

Embedding data driven decision making into our school culture is a 360 degree, 24/7 process. It involves creating opportunities for data conversations and following through to make sure they are student-centered, meaningful and productive.

Below is some immediate evidence of the efforts we’ve recently made to empower teachers in using data in their classroom. My original intent was simply to blog on the first teacher’s [science] data usage but when I saw her teammate [math] across the hall I had to capitalize on the opportunity to showcase the effect of our hard work.

Several things are in place make this work for us. First, is our Instructional Facilitator. In addition to being a great support to our teachers with this training, it has helped that she used program when she was recently in the classroom. She is able to use some very real language in teachers using this program in the classroom and how to use it.

Second is support from the district. Quite simply, you show emphasis where you invest. Our district has invested in this program for years but we’ve only been able to make its use as widespread as we have until recently with the addition of our IF.

Third is our responsive staff. They’ve done a great job not only learning the program but making it part of their classroom practice. Its been great to watch this program’s use transform from just quarterly predictive assessments to more frequent use that will give us good data for spriraling and acceleration.

One response to “Making Data Part of School Culture”

  1. I can see how this can be very beneficial.Knowledge is a powerful tool and assessment can provide the information we need to make positive changes. Marcella Rutherford

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