The Need for Project Based Learning

We talk a great deal about designing learning activities that really engage kids and teach real world skills they will as 21st citizens. This video gives a great visualization of project based learning!

The Buck Institute gave great real life examples of needs and implementations of PBL. Some things we need to keep in mind as educators:

  1. See this as an opporutnity to collaborate – Utilize the strength of your PLN. You can develop good strategies by yourself but effectiveness is increases tenfold when we reach out
  2. Make the learning relevant, when possible, to topics in your classroom
  3. Our task here is to design and redesign – Creation, when possible, is a great first step in innovation but after a system is in place, we have to be willing to modify when needed. In other words, if we create a project and package it for years with no change, we aren’t doing a great job serving kids. Here is another great opportunity to collaborate.

Our kids are up to the challenge – let’s make it a meaningful experience.

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