New Position! New Opportunities!

At the July 2010 Montgomery County Schools Board of Education meeting, I was appointed principal of West Middle School! What an honor! I’ve served the school since April as the interim principal and thoroughly enjoyed the staff. Everyone is very supportive and focused on student achievement and promoting and protecting the positive image of the school.

I was the Director of Curriculum and Innovation last year and had a blast diving into curriculum talks, planning 2.0 trainings and working with NC Virtual Public School. This year is what its all about – hands on with teachers and students. I’m excited!

I’m going to commit this year to chronicling events, trainings and ‘thinkings’ – I want to look back on my Year1 as a principal.

Here we go!

One response to “New Position! New Opportunities!”

  1. Reading your blog, you can hear your enthusiasm! As I enter this new world out of my individual classroom, but into many others, I am looking forward to helping touch many more lives with this same kind of excitement! I hope to learn more about curriculum, technology, and methods in teaching students of the 21st Century. I look forward to working with you at West Middle, and accomplishing these goals, as we work together to make these students be the best they can be!

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